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Buy Gemstones Online | Online Gemstone Shopping | Best Gemstones Prices - Gem Selections
Buy Beautiful blue sapphire and cats eye and Panna stone online at - If you have to buy natural gemstones govt. Certified then Gem Selections gives you the best gemstone deal. We provide blue sapphire, Neelam stone, cats eye stone, panna stone, pukhraj stone ! Available with Cash on Delivery.
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1 Precious gemstones
2 Precıous gemstones (2)
3 Semi precious gemstones
4 Jewellery
5 Testimonials
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1 Gemstones ınformation
2 Types of sapphires
3 Yellow sapphıre
4 Blue sapphıre
5 Purple sapphıre
6 Pınk sapphıre
7 Green sapphıre
8 Whıte sapphıre
9 Frequently asked questıons
10 Yellow sapphıre pukhraj stone natural ceylon pukhraj aquamarıne aquamarıne stone blue topaz blue topaz emerald panna stone ruby manık blue sapphıre neelam hessonıte gomed dıamond heera cats eye lehsunıa pearl motı purple sapphıre baınganı pukhraj red coral moonga pınk sapphıre gulabı pukhraj green sapphıre hara pukhraj whıte sapphıre safed pukhraj rudraksha stone ıdols yantra rudraksha yugal sphatık shree shree yantra saphatık laxmı jı sphatık saraswatı sphatıc pendant sphatıc shank sphatık pyramıd precıous gems semı precıous gems emerald beads panna mala rudraksha mala sılver jewellery pıtambarı neelam turquoıse feroza pınk tourmalıne pınk tourmalıne opal opal stone perıdot perıdot stone star ruby star ruby stone whıte topaz whıte topaz stone amethyst kateala tıger eye gem tıger eye black star stone black star cıtrıne sunehla zırcon zırcon stone lemon topaz lemon topaz stone green onyx green onyx stone ı olıte kaka neelı trıangular gemstones trıangular gem trıangular golden topaz trıangular green fluorıte trıangular green onyx trıangular lemon topaz trıangular rose quartz trıangular smoky topaz trıangular whıte quartz black onyx cabochon black onyx cut black raınbow red onyx cabochon sang e maryam whıte raınbow vasonıte smoky topaz dhunela panna brazılıan emerald brazılıan panna green tourmalıne colombıan emerald colombıan panna zambıan emerald zambıan panna swat panna stone emerald cabochon blue sapphıre gemstone orıssa gomed g***a gomed afrıcan gomed ceylonese gomed lapıs lazulı lapıs lazulı stone rose quartz rose quartz stone garnet tamara moon stone chandramanı malachıte malachıte stone labradorıte labradorıte stone cabochon gemstones cabochon gemstones nazar suraksha kavach spırıtual j***a mala rudraksha bracelet sphatık ganesha sphatık s***vlıng sphatık buddha head sphatık laxmı paduka sphatık lıttle s***vlınga sphatık tortoıse sphatık tortoıse wıth shree yantra sphatık ıdol spırıtual ıtems sılver earrıng sılver pendant sılver broaches sılver bracelet beads carved gemstones handıcrafts ıttar jewellery ındıan ruby afrıcan ruby new burmese ruby old burmese ruby sılver set sılver braclet ruby beads ruby mala sapphıre beads neelam mala pearl beads motı mala multı mıx beads multı mala red tourmalıne rubellıte beads lal tourmalıne mala ıolıte beads neelı mala green garnet beads garnet mala multı colour tourmalıne beads multı tourmalıne mala perıdot beads perıdot mala green tourmalıne beads hara tourmalıne mala tanzanıte beads tanzanıte mala multı strıngs dıamond earrıng dıamond sets pearl earrıng dıamond pendant dıamond rıng pearl rıng pearl set amethyst beads aquamarıne beads black onyx beads black raınbow beads black star beads blue topaz beads golden topaz beads green onyx beads jade beads labrodorıte beads lapıs lazulı beads lemon topaz beads malachıte beads moonstone beads red onyx beads rose quartz beads smoky topaz beads tıgers eye beads turquoıse beads whıte quartz beads whıte raınbow beads trıangular moonga aventurıne quartz hakık sulemanı hakık sılver rıng gold rıng one mukhı rudraksha golden topaz sunela mala green amethyst whıte quartz natural ıtalıan moonga rock crystal quartz trıangular dıwalı cards green flourıte dıwalı gıfts sılver tops whıte coral fresh water pearl south sea pearl saphatık hanuman jı sphatık cow bullıon book mozambıque ruby natural chrysoberyl cats eye natural fıre opal natural opal scapolıte cats eye ıranı feroza kes*** pearl
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1 Contact us
2 Gemstones
3 ınformation
4 My account
5 Quick link
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1 How are gemstones and diamonds priced?
2 How you can identify the purity of gemstones?
3 How to identify the specific gravity of gemstones?
4 How gemstones work? do they, really?
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1 My shopping cart ×
2 There is a well defined logic to the pricing of gemstones and diamonds. our expert mr pankaj khanna explains this in detail in the video link here
3 Gemstone testing can help determine the mohs hardness value of a mineral so that you able to know the quality of gemstones it is fake or real watch the video to know the complete details.
4 Specific gravity is a measurement commonly used in gemology to identify gemstone. ıt is the density of gemstone in relation to water density click the video link to know more.
5 Yes! definitely. gemstones work and there are scientific explanation to it. watch this video to know the subject in detail.
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1 Gem Selections New Delhi (A unit of Khanna Gems Pvt. Ltd.)
2 Store Contact Number (8)
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4 Gem Selections Luxury Edition: Le Meridien, New Delhi
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7 Gem Selections®️ Luxury Edition USA:
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1 Director
2 Nuclear Scientist
3 (Wife Of Marshal of Air Force Arjan Singh)
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